Mobile applications

ProGPS provides its customers with 4 mobile or tablet applications.

The native monitoring application - allows real-time monitoring of units (vehicles, goods, people ... etc). The friendly interface and easy navigation make it easy to access multiple functions. Various parameters can be viewed: CAN-BUS sensors, temperature sensors, driver id ... etc, and travel history.

Dashboard application - extends the classic GPS tracking concept and provides insights into your fleet KPI's. The Dashboard is a smart application that displays the top resource consumers from your fleet. It can give information such as: top speed, top fuel consumption, top mileage, top engine hours, top riding, travel time ... etc. Graphic interpretation and the ability to select the type of chart make it easy to read the information. This app is also found on the ProGPS platform web interface.

Dispatching and logistics application - ProGPS Logistics is a mobile application developed specifically for the distribution and logistics branch. Through the web interface, dispatchers can create orders and distribute them to each driver individually. The application makes it easier to monitor the delivery tasks. More details can be found in this article.

Mobile tracking - A simple application that turns your phone or tablet into a gps tracker. Installing this app allows you to monitor your location and routes. It is an ideal solution for field operations, where travel does not involve vehicles, or for people with disabilities. The application has functions such as: SOS, picture sending, NFC reading ... etc, plus battery saving options. More details are available in this article.