Car sharing

Car sharing from ProGPS gives you a simple and fast way to manage and book your vehicles and a profitable business method.

QWEKEE (ProGPS Partner) is an online car sharing system integrated with the ProGPS platform and is addressed to any company or individual operating in rent-a-car business and beyond. It is also a business method whereby the beneficiary can make a profit. To use the QWEKEE solution, the client must have the fleet monitored through the ProGPS platform.


the customer reserves an available vehicle and opens it from the mobile app

Permanent connection

QWEKEE reads information from GPS devices connected to the ProGPS platform and calculates charges

Trip completion

the customer finishes the trip using the mobile app


QWEKEE bills the customer directly from his credit card

The advantages of car sharing solution

The goal is a clear one, saving time, money and simplifying the booking process of a vehicle.

  • it does not require investment. Your customers will use mobile apps and you can control your cars from the web
  • prices can be calculated per kilometer or per minute
  • payment is made online, directly to QWEKEE through the customer's credit/debit card, without additional costs. QWEKEE takes a 20% commission, and the rest is transferred to the payee's account
  • the return of the car can be done either in a fixed location or anywhere within the city
  • engine lock if the machine is not open from the QWEKEE application
  • fuel and consumption monitoring (Notification of thefts)
  • geofences: notifications when the car leaves a certain area
  • doors opening/closing from the mobile app
  • payment options: Owners decide if they want to charge the customer or not. This option has been implemented for car services to exchange, leasing companies ... etc
  • car sharing for companies: an ideal solution for fleet owners dedicated for employees