Tachograph download

E-Tachograph from ProGPS simplifies the reading of tachograph data and driver's card, allowing you to remote download the .DDD files from anywhere.

This solution helps you to reduce the working time for gathering the required data and to avoid human mistakes.

All downloaded data (tacho and driver) are sent in the european format .ddd files. Also, in ProGps platform, our customers can find applications for the analisys of these files. Another advantage is the real time information regarding the legal remaining driving time and distance.
The hardware used to acomplish all these features, allow in the same time the GPS monitoring and FMS interface reading of the vehicle. So it is 3 in 1.

ProGps recommends the BCE solution:
On the vehicle:

  • GPS tracker BCE TACHO, with both FMS interface and Tacho reading

On your PC/laptop:

  • usb company card reader (contact us for price inquiry)
  • FREE -  software provided by us, which allows the usb company card reader to authenticate the BCE FM 500 TACHO for tachograph data downloading. This application allows both direct downloading of the files directly to your computer or to the ProGps platform, where they can be stored and analized.

DDD files analisys:

The ProGps platform, offers its clients two applications: Tacho Manager and Tacho View. Tacho Manager allows the import of DDD files, for long term storage. This allows the user to access them anytime needed. Also, it allows the data attribution to the drivers created.


Tacho View: working hours analisys

Tacho View is an application that uses a special algotithm for counting the driving hours, based on the EU reglementations. It reads, analizes and reports the DDD files. Driver's activity is visually presented based on hours.
Tacho View offers three kinds of reports:

"Driver's activity"

Information is shown in a tabular form, where you can see the detailed activity for a specified period of time.

"Graphic activities"
In this case, the specified period of time is divided by days, where certain driver activity are marked with visual colored indicators, each representing the activity which was made.

This type of report, generates a table with violation of rules, which can contain: date, hour, type of violation and s ahort description and its severity.
All these reports can be further printed or saved as Excel files.