Fuel monitoring

Save up to 40% fuel with ProGPS GPS monitoring solution.

Companies with large fleets inevitably hit the issue of fuel consumption. In this case, the GPS monitoring system is the optimal solution for optimizing consumption. The statistics show that the implementation of the ProGPS consumption monitoring solution is self-serving within 3-4 months.
With the ProGPS platform, you can monitor fuel consumption for all types of units:

  • mobile units (cars, trucks, buses, mobile tanks, diesel locomotives, boats and any other types of vehicles)
  • stationary units (fuel tanks, generators, power stations, electric transformers .... etc)



Generated reports and graphs provide an overview of how fuel is consumed. Due to the lithrometric probes with which ProGPS works, we guarantee you 99% accuracy. Information such as feeds or theft is constantly displayed. Notifications can be made when feeding or when a certain amount of fuel is missing. Comparative graphs help to identify as accurately as possible the events related to fuel monitoring.




We are transparent about the quality of the solution and we recommend customers who want consumption accuracy to use the lithrometric probes . The CAN-BUS variant is in principle recommended for vehicles which, for some reason, do not allow the installation of a lithrometric probe.
The data is visible on both the WEB platform and the mobile monitoring application, so you have instant access to consumption monitoring. The consumption control solution helps you eliminate any misuse of fuel, increase transport safety and reduce expenses ultimately resulting in increased return on investment.