GPS tracking

ProGPS vă pune la dispoziție o soluție avansată de monitorizare GPS și localizare GPS pentru orice tip de unitate, de la mașini mici și camioane, până la trenuri, ambarcațiuni...etc.

ProGps greets its customers with the latest GPS equipment and affordable prices, which connected to our platform offer a wide range of information and statistics. Vehicle position can be achieved through both GPS and the mobile network as a back-up. We also support sattelite terminal devices for places with lack of gsm signal.

All gps equipment provided by us have certificates of conformity and warranty. In case of GSM signal failure, these equipments store up to 150 000 positions in their internal memory. After the return of the GSM signal, they automatically upload their stored data to the ProGps platform.

One important thing is the safety of our customer's property/goods. Personnel and cargo safety is the main concern of a company. Our tools provide us the possibility to monitor both fleet and goods at the same time, simplifying the procedure of "looking both ways". Based on the client's requests, we can also personalize the GPS tracking solutions.

Why choose ProGPS tracking solution?

Some of the advantages our system has to offer


ProGPS application and devices ensure a continous flow of data beeing sent and received, for optimizing the fleet operation.


The complete fleet management and monitoring solutions and the fixed prices for the package, is what makes the difference between us and the competition.


The way that the ProGPS online platform was developed, but also the state of the art production and backup servers, ensure a maximun reliability in the uninterrupted functioning.


ProGPS functions ensure increased efficiency and lower costs attributed fleet activity.