Realtime GPS tracking prices for ProGPS

Get the best GPS tracking price for your car fleet

Refresh rate: between 1 and 10 seconds

History is kept for 1 year

Unlimited users

Customizable reports

Vehicle maintenance management

API integration with other software

Customizable notifications

Google Maps & OpenStreet Maps

Realtime GPS tracking, without boundaries and low costs


Customers report an over 40% increase in productivity after implementing ProGPS monitoring solution.


Nearly 60% of our clients start seeing their return on investment in less than 6 months.


Our clients typically report seeing a 38% decrease in idle time with ProGPS solution.

The main advantage of ProGPS customers: low GPS tracking price and quality services

Depending on each business model, the car fleet differs as operating mode and resources allocated. At ProGPS, we are trying to offer our customers a GPS tracking solution that is tailored to price and functionality. Compared to other competitors, the GPS monitoring price we offer guarantees 100% complete access to all the benefits of the monitoring platform. Depending on the size of the fleet and GPS equipment, we offer a discount over the basic price. The financial resources you will use are minimal and you will be able to cover them shortly.

If you need time to think, you can test for free ProGPS solution

Don’t know what to choose from so many variants? It’s simple! We offer you a period of time the possibility to test our solution for free. Later you will know which option is best for you. You are saving smart and thus you will be able to invest in a powerful GPS system for your fleet.

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