The app turns your smartphone or tablet into GPS tracker.

Due to accurate speed detection and detailed movement history of a unit, WiaTag is designed to optimize and control field operations and mobile staff performance.

The app can also become an effective tracking tool for the public utilities and social services. WiaTag allows a dispatcher to set a manager password and hide definite settings for end-user. Moreover, the app allows for remote app management by means of control commands from Wialon system.

To implement monitoring over a unit, you need an account in Wialon system, smartphone with a built-in GPS receiver, and Internet access for registration.

Latest data

All the tracking parameters at hand

Various user modes

Choosing preset mode (Active/Standard/Lite) or creating your own (Custom)

Efficient battery consumption

Collection of data using smart mode for efficient battery consumption

Sending of photo, location and SOS messages

Quick access to sending location, photo, and SOS messages